How to setup CUDA 10.2, 11.0, and 11.5 in order to use eddy_cuda10.2 (in FSL 6.0.5.x), PyTorch, and Tensorflow 2

ATTENTION (16 Apr 2023): From 6.0.6, you can use the latest CUDA to run eddy_cuda10.2. So this post is obsolete. I wrote a new post, so please check it out.

FSL 6.0.5 ships eddy_cuda10.2 which literally uses CUDA 10.2.
I explored a way to use eddy_cuda10.2, PyTorch and Tensorflow concurrently. Below is How-To for Ubuntu 18.04/20.04.


Making use of eddy_cuda of FSL 6.0.4 on Ubuntu 18.04

eddy implemented in FSL is time-consuming program. FSL recommends using eddy_cuda, GPU version of eddy. They ship eddy_cuda8.0 and edddy_cuda9.1. If you use Ubuntu 18.04, you can make use of eddy_cuda9.1 with only 4 commands.

Disclaimer: Installing nvidia-driver could cause display problem. I am not responsible for the problem…