Lin4Neuro based on Ubuntu 18.04 is updated (16 May 2020)

Lin4Neuro based on Ubuntu 18.04 is updated.
Below are main changes.

  • Now iso is generated from Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop so that installer can function properly.
  • Connectome workbench is installed and configured.
  • I changed the strategy to provide installers for huge packages such as AFNI, FreeSurfer, or FSL. It does not come with the release, but you can easily install them by just clicking the installer icons.
  • Bundled software packages are all updated.
  • The neuroimaging software packages available on Lin4Neuro is listed here.
  • VirtualBox appliances are officially provided from now on. Username is “brain” and password is “lin4neuro”. RAM is set to 4GB, and HDD 120GB.

You can get the latest version from here.

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