According to … は情報源を示す時に使うもの



According to the reviewer’s suggestion, …


As per the reviewer’s suggestion, …


According toはどうしてよくないのかなと思って、校正をお願いした野口メリッサさんに「According toとAs perの使い分けを教えてください」とお聞きしたところ、とてもわかりやすい回答をいただきました。

Those phrases can be really confusing. I’m not sure why, but your original (incorrect) use of ‘according to’ is a very common mistake among Japanese writers. Perhaps it was taught wrong in school, or perhaps you read it in other articles so you get the false sense that it’s correct. I believe that most people who make this mistake are mixing up the two phrases ‘according to’ and ‘in accordance with’.

“According to” is used to refer to a fact or information that is reported by someone else. For example, I might say something like, “according to the weather forecast, it’s going to rain tomorrow;” or, “according to the Ministry of Education, 63% of high school graduates go on to university.”

“In accordance with” is used when you are doing something based on a rule or a law, or when you’re doing something based on a strong recommendation or a suggestion from a expert or respected source. For example, “in accordance with the law, I never drive above the speed limit;” or, “in accordance with the committee’s recommendation, the company decided to reduce their staff by 15%.”

“As per” (or simply “per”) has basically the same meaning as “In accordance with.” (see: )

“According to” は、ある情報に言及する際に、情報源を示す場合に使う
“In accordance with” は、その文章の主語が行動を起こす際に、「(法律、規則や専門家の意見など)に従って…」、という場合に使う
“As per” は、”in accordance with”と同じ


Collins辞書をご紹介いただいたので、According toも調べてみました。

If someone says that something is true according to a particular person, book, or other source of information, they are indicating where they got their information.


In accordance withはこう紹介されています。

If something is done in accordance with a particular rule or system, it is done in the way that the rule or system says that it should be done.


となると、私がもともと使った”According to the reviewer’s suggestion”ははっきり間違いとわかります。
むしろ、「専門家であるあなたの意見に従います」ということで、In accordance with the reviewer’s suggestion, もしくは、As per the reviewer’s suggestion, とするのがより適切なわけですね。


私がいつも校正でお世話になっているELCS; English Language Consultation Services(エルクス英語コンサルタント)さんはとてもよい仕事をしてくださいます。日頃からたくさん助けていただいているので紹介させていただきます。なお、私はELCSのサービス利用者の一人という立場であり、宣伝依頼などは何も受けていません。

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