Customization of Xubuntu 16.04 and system-wide application

Good point of linux is that users can easily customize the appearance of user interface.

Below is how we can customize Xubuntu 16.04 and apply the changes system-wide.

  1. Add another panel
  2. Right click on the top panel -> Panel -> Panel Preferences


    Select “Panel 1” and click plus icon. New panel will show up.


    Move the new panel to the bottom, and change the Row Size and Length (100%)


  3. Remove the top panel
  4. (If you don’t do this, you can’t add Power Manager Plugin in the bottom panel)

    Select “Panel 0” and click minus icon, then press “Remove”.


  5. Add items on the bottom panel
  6. Select “Panel 1” and move to “Items tab”.
    Click plus icon.


    Here add the following items.

    • Applications Menu (which is old menu)
    • Launcher (for shortcut to LibreOffice)
    • Window Buttons
    • Separator
    • Notification Area
    • Power Manager Plugin
    • Indicator Plugin
    • Separator
    • Clock


  7. Hide the title from Applications menu
  8. Select “Applications Menu” and press property icon.

    Check “Show button title” once and unchek it.

    Then the button title will disappear.


  9. Add LibreOffice Launcher
  10. Select “Launcher” and press property icon.

    Press + icon.

    Search “LibreOffice” and Add it.


    Then you will see that launcher became a shortcut icon for LibreOffice.


  11. Expand the separator
  12. Now all items in the panel is left-aligned.
    “Extend the separator” will place notification area, power manager, and indicator on the right.

    Select “Separator” and press property icon.

    Check “Expand” and you will see the change.


  13. Lock the panel
  14. Select “Display” tab and check “Lock panel” and you can’t move the panel any more.


    Now you have old Menu on the bottom panel.


  15. Apply the change system-widely
  16. Now you need to type the followings from the terminal.
    This will make your personal customization system-wide.

    sudo cp -r .config/xfce4 /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/
    sudo cp -a .config .gconf .local /etc/skel
    cd /etc/skel
    sudo chown -R root:root .config .gconf .local

Then everything is set. When you make a new user account, this modification should be applied.

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