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  • Lin4Neuro employs NeuroDebian
    Lin4Neuro employs NeuroDebian repository. Among the software packages in Lin4Neuro, I setup and configured MRIConvert through NeuroDebian. I appreciate much for their great contribution to this field.

  • Grant
    This work was supported in part by Health and Labor Sciences Research Grants, Research on Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases and Mental Health.
    I am grateful to Dr. Masato Fukuda and Dr. Ippeita Dan for their understandings and encouragement for this project.

  • Chris Rorden kindly provided sample dataset and excellent tutorials. He also gave me many useful suggestions. I am so grateful for his help.
  • I also would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Daisuke Tsuzuki and Mr. Masato Kobayashi for their help.

Some comments from Michael Hanke

I got several comments from one of the NeuroDebian developers, Michael Hanke. I appreciate his comments and think it is useful to share his comments with everyone.

  • It should be noted that unlike all the properly integrated parts of the system (from Debian, Ubuntu or NeuroDebian) any custom software installation will not be updated by the system’s package manager.
  • The NeuroDebian projects offers virtual machine images where users can easily install Matlab in a matter of minutes, and it also offers a packaged version of SPM that can be updated with built-in system tools.
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