Getting Lin4Neuro

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  1. Download

    You can get the iso image / virtual machine of Lin4Neuro from here.

    Lin4Neuro is 64bit OS, so you need hardware compatible with 64bit OS (You won’t have problems with recent hardware). The size of the iso file is around 3.0GB, so downloading may take some time. Please be patient.

  2. Setting up Lin4Neuro

    After downloading the files, you have some options to setup Lin4Neuro.

    • Use VirtualBox
    • Lin4Neuro virtual machine is configured to run instantly on VirtualBox 6.1. After downloading l4n-*.ova, From VirtualBox menu, select file -> import applicances… and select the downloaded ova.

    • Make a live USB drive
    • You can make a live USB drive using Rufus, Universal USB installer, or others. Please prepare an USB flash drive with more than 4GB.

  3. Booting Lin4Neuro
    • From VirtualBox

      It is simple to boot from virtualization software. Just turn on your VirtualBox and you will see the Lin4Neuro booting in a minute. Username is “brain” and password is “lin4neuro”.

    • From USB flash drive

      It depends on the PC you use, but try to push “F12” or “F11” right after turning on your PC. This prompts the screen in which you can select to boot from USB. If not, you may need to get in th BIOS set up. Please read the instruction of your PC.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Lin4Neuro

  1. when trying to boot from usb i see memtest86. Do I need to select thi soption? Thank you

    • Hi,

      Thanks for trying Lin4Neuro.

      memtest is just a option so that you can check memory for your PC.
      You don’t have to select that option.

      Best regards,



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