Using Lin4Neuro

  1. GUI (Graphical User Interface) Menu
    All of the GUI software can be reached from the menu. I customized the menu so that Windows users can easily access the software packages. The “Start” button is on the bottom-left. By clicking the button, the customized menu pops up. On the top of the menu, you see “Neuroimaging”, under which several neuroimaging software packages are listed.

    Lin4Neuro based on Ubuntu10.04 Lin4Neuro based on Xubuntu12.04

  2. CUI (Commandline User Interface)
    The icon next to the start button is to hide the all of the windows on the desktop. Right next to the hiding button is the shortcut to the “terminal.” If you would like to use LIPSIA and MINC-tools, you need to run program from terminal.


    For example, if you want to run MRIcron from the terminal, type the following in the terminal window.

    $ mricron

    That brings up the MRIcron window.

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