What is Lin4Neuro for?

Lin4Neuro is just for you, if you…

  • found a nice neuroimaging analysis software package, but gave up just because it runs only under Linux.
  • have been interested in using Linux, but doesn’t know what to do first.
  • installed Linux by yourself, only to find it difficult to configure the software packages you want to use for your circumstances.

With the help from my colleagues and friends, I made a customized Linux which is optimized for neuroimaging analysis.

Lin4Neuro is based on Ubuntu 16.04LTS or 14.04LTS with XFCE desktop environment. Lin4Neuro includes many useful neuroimaging software packages. The list of packages can be found here.

These software packages are well known and widely used for neuroimaging analysis. They are also distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License), BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license, or any license which states that the packaged software can be redistributed for research purposes provided there is no financial return.

With Lin4Neuro in one’s hand, one can access neuroimaging software packages easily, and immediately focus on analyzing data. Lin4Neuro can be a good primer for beginners of neuroimaging analysis or students who are interested in neuroimaging analysis. It also provides a practical means of sharing analysis environments across sites.

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