How to install FSL on Ubuntu

If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can install FSL easily using neurodebian repository.
Below is what you need to install FSL.

  1. Add the neurodebian repository
  2. Follow the guideline described here.

  3. update the sources.list
  4. $ sudo apt-get update

  5. install FSL (and related packages)
  6. $ sudo apt-get install fsl fsl-doc fslview fslview-doc fsl-atlases fsl-possum-data fsl-first-data fsl-feeds dicomnifti libvtk5-dev vtk-examples vtk-doc

  7. Add the following line to .bashrc
  8. This is the thing people often forget. Without this, you can’t run fsl from shell.

    . /etc/fsl/

    That’s it.